Olympus Executives Focus on the Important Things

At Olympus Executives, we recognize the importance of social capability to achieve success in our professional and personal lives. Although we advocate authenticity, we also believe that everyone can make minor changes to be more likable. We recently began practicing one simple but very powerful technique – putting our phones away. Here are the results:

Others Followed Suit: Perhaps the most surprising outcome was that others were less tempted to take out their phones. Instead, they tended to copy us and leave their devices in pockets and bags.

We Had Better Conversations: Our greatest goal was to have more fulfilling social interactions. For everyone at Olympus Executives, this came true. By avoiding using our phones, we had deeper and more enjoyable conversations.

People Were More Trusting: Interestingly, our new likability technique also resulted in people trusting us more. We believe that this is the result of us being more engaged in each social situation. This sense of presence helped make us seem more reliable.

By deciding that we would not take our phones out during social interactions, we have achieved some significant results. We can remain authentic while also being more likable. If you want to do the same, stop using your phone whenever you speak with someone else. If you give it a try, we promise you will be impressed with the results.